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Have you been involved in an accident? Do you have
injuries, then you also have a lot of questions. Do you
have property damage-then you have even more
questions. As a former Police Officer and currently as an
accident examiner I 've met many accident victims. I see
the same issues over and over again. Examples include
clients with damaged vehicles and the worry over being
able to travel to doctors, work, family responsibilities
and more.


The insurance companies have a legal duty to protect
their clients and shareholders-not you. This is rule # 1. 
Rule #2 is never forget rule #1. This brings me to the
primrose path principle or ppp.
The ppp is where the defendants insurance company politely
and with motherly concern for you, asks you to give statements
or even submit to independent medical examine. They tell you
this is so that they can evaluate your claim. They lead you
down the primrose path while building a defense against you
and your claim. It's sad to see clients come into a law office 3
months or more after an accident with details of having a bad
injury and being promised to be "taken care of" by the
insurance company once they have a complete chance to
evaluate the claim. The insurance company gets the accident
victim to make statements to them-then the bombshell , victim
gets the letter -CLAIM DENIED,SORRY. The insurance
companies have professional staff schooled and many times
licensed by the states they work in to deal with claims-your
claim. They evaluate, fight for, and protect on behalf of the
company that employs them 40 hours per week. They know the
laws, they have huge resources at their disposal, and they are
expert at what they do. My advice- do not go it alone-get a
lawyer, period. Let a professional speak for you. The lawyers I
know evaluate you claim for free, only get paid if you win
money damages, and never forget why they are in
business-because of the clients they serve. A good lawyer like
any other business person knows the customer is king. I've
dealt with many attorneys over the years and several stand out
as the best in my book.


One accident is enough. Don't have an accident handling your claim. Our lawyers get you justice, I know them personally, they are that good, period
The insurance company knows you could never be injured from a fender bender like this.
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I'm really just a local guy who is fed up with injured accident victims being treated like criminals.., You and your injuries are important.
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The insurance companies are not in business to PAY YOU MONEY
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